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Backyard "Photo"
Granite Burial markers

These beautiful burial markers are made from the same North American Granite as our basic burial markers, but come with a larger surface area to accommodate a photographic image that has been transferred onto a gold colored sheet of aluminum (up to 4" x 6"). Your personally submitted photograph will be photographically transferred, as a black and white image, onto a durable aluminum plate and permanently affixed to the, burial marker (your photograph will be returned to you unharmed with the completed marker). This proven photo plate technology will not fade from exposure to the sun. Gold colored aluminum is used as an attractive compliment to the gold lithochrome used to fill the engraved letters.
Please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery.

           ( "Photo" - shown here)
Burial Marker "Basic" 14"x12"x" Vertical $ 189.95
Burial Marker "Photo" 14"x12"x" Vertical $ 239.95

Lettering Policy For All Burial Markers:

Unless otherwise requested, pet names are engraved in all upper case letters, inscriptions use both upper and lower case letters, and day specific dates are written numerically. For example: "November 12, 2000" will be engraved

"11/12/00" while "November 2000" will be engraved "Nov. 2000. " We allow a maximum of 4 lines of engraving, with 16 characters allowed per line. Sample Inscriptions or make up your own:

In Loving Memory o A Loyal Friend o Faithful Companion o Always Remembered and Loved

Memorial Stone


Our 100% American Granite stones make wonderful backyard memorials for pet owners who choose to bury their pet or scatter their pet's ashes, or for those who simply desire a permanent reminder of their lost friend. They come with durable diamond engraved gold lettering that will last a lifetime.

Memorial Head StoneDimensions 8" x 12" x 3/4"

Available in:


*Granite is a natural product, actual color may vary slightly.

Price $149.95 NOT including shipping and handling.

Call 1-800-756-6492 or E-Mail

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